“Jump In” to Ottawa’s Best Coffee Shops


Hi friends, so good to see you all on here again. Here’s an article that I’ve been working on for Faces MagazineI’ll be in Ottawa all summer… and I’ve even got myself the job that I’d been hoping to get. Let’s see if you can figure out which shop I may be located in…..
Ottawa is the place to be this summer, so if you’re from here, great! I’m sure I’ll see you around. If you aren’t, well I’ll be sure to capture everything you miss! Stick around to see where the Girl in Converse ends up this summer, and allow me to show you around the City I’ve grown up in.

Here’s a look at my first Faces article, coming out early June…

Faces Magazine

Food & Lifestyle
Title: Jump Into Ottawa’s Best Coffee Shops
By: The Girl in Converse

Ah summer, the perfect time to refresh yourself with an iced latte, explore the city and capture new places with your friends. So what places are in exactly? AKA where can you take the best possible Instagram photo to prove you’d been there? More importantly, where can you find the best cup of Joe in town? With Ottawa’s booming culture and appreciation for coffee, now is the time to discover the various nooks and crannies around the City that uniquely serve it.

So whether you’re right in the heart of Ottawa, or sitting on its edge, take a look at this city’s in coffee shops.

Jump in!

  1. Quitter’s Coffee – Stittsville, ON

Step out into the suburbia of Stittsville, and through the doors of Quitter’s Coffee to experience the warmth and antiquity Ottawa’s community. Having rapidly transformed from a dream into a town staple, Quitter’s is the perfect place where kids, adults, and yes, even dogs can relax and vibe to great company, coffee, and baked goods! Find yourself cooling down on a hot summer day with a pitcher of Pimm’s out on their back patio, or join the Quitter’s family for an evening glass of wine and some Saturday night trivia. This place is fresh, fun and the baristas are Fabulous!

  1. Alice’s Café – Carp, ON


Known for their open microphone, fresh food, and delicious espresso; there is no doubt that Alice’s authenticity brings the Carp community together. In an old building hung with string lights and plant decorated walls, each corner is as cozy as your living room. Did I also mention that they serve poutine and booze? Now that’s my kind of café! Head towards the outskirts of Ottawa and experience this buzzing atmosphere for yourself.

  1. Equator Coffee – Westboro / Almonte, ON


Roasting coffee beans since ’98, Equator Coffee Roasters has much more to offer than its cool and friendly atmosphere. Striving towards social justice, Equator Coffee has successfully transformed your ordinary daily grind into a fresh and fairly traded cup of quality coffee. Passionate about not only their beans but also where their beans come from, these roasters do it right! Step inside their Westboro location and take in the artistic scene—let’s be real, that light up “COFFEE” sign is too pretty not to capture.

  1. Arlington Five – The Glebe

Arlington Five is hands down one of Ottawa’s cutest spots. In a little blue building tucked around the corner from Bank Street, this sandwich and coffee house is the perfect setting for your latte-art photo-shoot. And if you didn’t get the perfect shot inside, the outside of the building is wrapped with some cool murals, giving Arlington that New York City vibe. If you’re shopping around the Glebe this summer, this adorable spot is a must-see.

  1. The Ministry of Coffee – Centretown

Did somebody say Nutella latte? The delicious hazel-nutty spread is good on just about anything… but have you tried it melted into your coffee? Along with Wellington, the Ministry’s got a prime downtown location, making it the perfect stop for a grab-and-go lunch date. Take your coffee and sandwich with you and hit up parliament’s front lawn or grab a bench in Major’s Hill Park. Pack yourself a blanket if you want to go the extra mile and “do it for the Insta.” Voila! You’ve got yourself a coffee picnic.

Ottawa is the place this summer to get lost and be found among the top “In” coffee shops across the city. There’s something unusually heart-warming about walking into a strange place, filled with nothing but the most familiar sounds, smells and buzz off coffee beans and people. So jump into those converse and start sippin’ on Ottawa’s finest coffee in places you may have never explored.

Use the hashtag #CoffeeNConverse to share your “In” coffee shop photos.

By: The Girl in Converse




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